At Kitchen Boutique, we are looking for sales associates who excel at customer service and love all things culinary.

If you are…
  • Passionate about cooking/baking,
  • dedicated to providing excellent customer service,
  • a kitchen gadget fanatic or LOVE your quality kitchen products,
  • flexible, hard-working and can multi-task with ease
We offer… a fun, friendly low-stress working environment, competitive sales associate wages, staff product discount and sales incentives and flexible schedules.
We have a few different positions that we hire for:
  1. Sales Associate.  Responsibilities include: giving excellent customer service,  efficiently operating a computer/till with cash-handling expertise, issuing & receiving transfers & purchase orders, organizing/cleaning in-store displays, inventory counting and general maintenance/running of the day-to-day of the store. 
  2. Co-Manager.  Responsibilities include: all of the above plus, training new sales associates, balancing weekly sales/cash-deposits, visual/merchandising displays, ordering from our smaller product lines, scheduling and covering other staff vacation or sick days.
  3. Warehouse Manager.  Responsibilities include: unpacking, receiving, pricing and splitting all orders that arrive, dealing with incorrect product shipments, following up with credits on defective merchandise, managing the stock file and any inconsistencies, cleaning/organizing the warehouse space for easy delivery space and covering the shop floor in times of need.
Important points to note if you are interested in applying:
  • You must be physically fit and able to stand for 8 hours/day.
  • You must be physically able to climb a small ladder or step stool to reach product that is up high in the store.
  • You must be physically able to lift heavy product boxes including cast iron 14L goose pots from Le Creuset.
  • Our busiest time of year is in December and we require all "hands-on-deck" during this month.  We are not flexible at this time of year for time-off or annual vacations.  
  • We prefer to hire people who are available to come in on short-notice, other than their scheduled days, if people are away or sick.  
If you are interested in working at one of our locations, please either email your resume to: or arrive in person at any location and speak with the local manager first.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our team at Kitchen Boutique!