Gingerbread House Competition

​Annual Kids and Kids-at-Heart ​Gingerbread House Competition

Gingerbread House Competition

Feeling creative? Then join us for some fun competition in Cochrane for our 10th annual Kids and Kids-at-Heart Gingerbread House Competition. There are $270 in Gift Card Prizes and $150 Kitchen Boutique Gift Certificate Grand Prize to be won!

Entries must be received by 6PM on Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Voting will take place during Cochrane Light UP on:
​Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 from 4:30-7:30pm



This year we will be creating 3 different age/ability categories once all of our entries are received - which need to be brought into MacKays Ice Cream by 6PM on Thursday, November 21st, 2019.

​Kitchen Boutique will also provide a $150 Gift Certificate as a Grand Prize to the Overall Best Entry. This category has no size limitations. Although there is no rule about home-made versus store-bought, in this category, extra votes will be given to home-made creations because of the extra level of difficulty. Claire (Kitchen Boutique owner) will decide the winner of this category and it will be announced along with the other winners.



1st Place = $40 Gift Card
2nd Place = $30 Gift Card
3rd Place = $20 Gift Card

*Each age category is sponsored by MacKays, Horse Creek Candy or Kitchen Boutique, each of who will award the Gift Card Prizes to the top 3 winners, voted for during Cochrane Light UP.

**The winner of the Grand Prize will receive a $150 gift certificate to Kitchen Boutique.

***MacKays/Kitchen Boutique/Horse Creek Candy reserve the right to PLACE each entry into 1 of their 3 categories they will create once all entries are in. We are doing this because in the past there has been a disparity in the number of entries, and therefore, unfair chances depending on the age/ability of the creator.



All Gingerbread House entries must be brought to MacKays Ice Cream during business hours on Thursday, November 21st between 10am-6pm.



MacKay's Kitchen Boutique  Horse Creek



Please make sure that you understand these rules:

  1. All houses must be made up primarily of Gingerbread.  This includes the side walls and roof - the structural sides/roof must be gingerbread, but can be accented with or decorated with other candies or icing.  You can make your own house OR buy a pre-made home from any grocery store.
  2. The entire project must be mostly edible.  You can have a few details such as lighting etc. which are not edible, but you should aim to be as edible as possible.
  3. Entries CANNOT be larger than 1ft wide x 1ft long x 1.5ft high. The dimensions are so that we can showcase as many entries as possible.  
  4. Entries will be asked for your name, telephone number and AGE.  This will be displayed with your house during Light UP so that each house is judged on the merit of age and ability by the voters.
  5.  Your house will be placed in an appropriate category by the sponsoring businesses.  
  6. Winners will be contacted by the sponsoring business after Light UP!
  7. Houses cannot be picked up until AFTER Cochrane Light UP.

*If you are unsure about any materials or rules, please contact Claire via email: