ANNUAL Gingerbread House Competition

​Annual ​Gingerbread House Competition 2022

Gingerbread House Competition

(Must be 12 years of age or younger)

The theme for our kids competition is same same but different.  This year we are giving away 30 of the exact same gingerbread house kits to see how YOUR kid can create a unique house using the same base as all of the other contestants.   Everyone must keep to the same base area (no making it bigger as we have a set area that all of the houses can fit onto) but you can do whatever you want in terms of height to your creation.  Use of non-edibles such as lego, k-nex or other building materials are encouraged!  Stand out with a unique theme or idea. 


Step 1: Register and Pick up your FREE Kit

To participate, you MUST be REGISTERED, which you can do when you pick up one of our FREE kits from MacKays Ice Cream store any day between 10am-6pm, starting on Monday, October 24th. By picking up a kit, you are expected to participate in this contest.  Kids who want to eat and enjoy a gingerbread house should just buy one from one of our local grocery stores. 

  • So that more families can participate, we appreciate it if you LIMIT the number of entries to 1/FAMILY.  If you would like to be considered for an additional house for your family, we will happily contact you if we do not get enough registrations by November 4th.  
  • This is on a FIRST COME basis.  We are UNABLE to HOLD houses for later pick ups.  You are welcome to call MacKays before coming down, in order to confirm that we still have houses available.  We will also POST on social media once they have all been picked up.

Step 2: Drop off your House

Houses must be DROPPED OFF at MacKays Ice Cream on Friday, November 25th between 10am-6pm.   


Step 3: Vote for your House

PUBLIC VOTING will take place ALL DAY on Saturday, November 26th - come down during COCHRANE LIGHT UP!  The final tally will be counted at 6:45pm and prizes awarded at 7pm that night.  Cochrane Light Up is from 4:30-7:30pm. 


Step 4: Pick up your House (and hopefully a prize)

Prizes for 1st/2nd/3rd place will be awarded and sponsored by MacKays Ice Cream at 7pm and all houses are expected to be PICKED UP by 6pm on Sunday, November 27th.  


***If you are unable to make the drop-off and pick-up times for your house, please let another kid take a turn this year! 

***If you take a house and are unable to participate this year, please do the courtesy of paying for it.  Houses are worth $15 each.  We discourage people from doing this, but understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur.


Thank you to MacKays for being our Co-Sponsor of this event! 




Anyone who is 13+ years old and would like to compete at the next level of gingerbread house excellence, is encouraged to sign up for this competition. 

You can create your house/entry using store-bought gingerbread or make it from scratch as long as your creation is smaller than the following dimensions:  12" Wide (front on), 24" Deep and 24" High.  As long as the primary structure is created using gingerbread and that 75% of the entry is edible, you can use other building materials to enhance your creation.


STEP 1: Email Claire

Please EMAIL to SIGN UP for this competition as we will have LIMITED SPACE and entries allowed.  You must be signed up by Sunday, November 20th at 5pm in order to compete. 


Step 2: Drop off House

All entries must be DROPPED OFF at Kitchen Boutique on Friday, November 25th between 10am and 6pm.  All entries must be PICKED UP at Kitchen Boutique on Monday, December 12th between 10am and 6pm (or other arrangements made in advance with Claire via email).


Step 3: Vote 

VOTING for winners will start on Saturday, November 26th and continue for two weeks.  All entries will be featured in the store windows, where they can be viewed and voted on throughout the two weeks during regular business hours. Voting will END at 4:59pmMST on Sunday, December 11th.  All votes will be tallied and the WINNERS announced at 5pm on Sunday, December 11th.  Claire reserves the right to make a final judgement call on the winners if there are any issues that come up during the contest.       


Step 4: Pick up House (and hopefully a prize)

Houses must be picked up on Monday, December 12th between 10am-6pm or alternate arrangements made prior with Claire via email.  Prizes will be given to the winners when their creations are picked up.

1st Place will win a $150 Kitchen Boutique Gift Certificate
2nd Place - $100 Kitchen Boutique Gift Certificate
3rd Place - $50 Kitchen Boutique Gift Certificate

***Only one entry per household.
***Contest is open to Southern Alberta residents only.

***Winners must be able to pick up their gift certificates at the Cochrane location before January 31st, 2023.

 *If you are unsure about any materials or rules, please contact Claire via email: